Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton - Review

With the last book a disappointment I switched gears and grabbed a copy of The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton.  This is a return to his Commonwealth universe, although it was my first visit.  Hamilton presents a well developed universe, lots of sub plots, a great amount of characters all being controlled and manipulated by aliens and human factions and specifically different faction in the Human artificial Intelligence society called ANA.  All of them competing for different hidden agendas.  This is a futuristic space faring adventure in a universe where the void has been discovered.  A mysterious black  hole like rift that leads to another universe where the Skylords live and the humans that have crossed over lead a perfect life and can change the fabric of the universe with their minds.  However, the void has been around for billions of years and has been know to expand, destroying anything in it's path.  This is called a devourment phase.  Many of the other species live in fear of the void and believe it to be evil.  Humans however have created a religion around it based on what has been called the living dream.  This living dream was something that was shared with the rest of the human race by the living dreamer, who dreamed what was in the void and communicated with the skylords.  The living dream followers have declared pilgrimage and plan to take millions of people into the void, much to the dismay of other humans and aliens combined, tensions and fears rise.  There is a lot of action and intrigue.  If you like a good science fiction book pick up this or anyone of Hamilton's earlier books that take place in the Commonwealth universe.
I give it a thumbs up

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