Sunday, September 11, 2011

3 seconds: The Power of Thinking Twice review

Caveat: Now to be fair it 6:18 am when I am writing this and I have been up working for 24 hours with another 6 - 10 before I can go home (I won't be able to go get any sleep until at least another 14 hours, so my review might be a little lower due to my foul mood and lack of sleep!

This week I read 3 Seconds:  The Power of Thinking Twice by Les Parrott.  To be honest I have read a lot of similar books recently and my review might not be fair as a result.  Concept of the book, don't go with your first knee jerk reaction, take a breath and wait for alternatives to appear and choose. It also talks about the advantages of being happy and optimistic but is very light on scientific detail (as compared to say The Happiness Advantage which goes into great detail on this specific item).  It ends up with a lot of get off your butt and get stuff done talk.  The book is very basic and is a vary quick read.  It glosses over alot of areas that other books provide better in sight into.  Basically by increasing the space between action and reaction you open a new world of possibilities (sounds like another book again).  If you are looking for a light read on a plane etc, you could do worse but if your looking for something to sink your teeth into look elsewhere.

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