Monday, July 25, 2011

Slow Carb Diet Update

After  being on vacation for a week and enjoying myself extensively as it was a vacation from my diet as well, I was dreading the scale.  I fasted on Saturday and weighed in on Sunday morning.  I am up 3 pounds .  I was pleasantly surprised!  As I have mentioned previously I was averaging about 3 - 4 pounds a week.  the last two weeks before vacation I was averaging only about 2 pounds per week.  The difference?  I was working over 100 hours a week and had no time for exercise.  My walking and cycling ceased.  My stress level was very high and I was very miserable.  I am back now feeling rejuvenated and with some new decisions on life moving forward.  I should lose those 3 pounds this week and be back to pre vacation shape in no time.  The Slow Carb Diet simply works.

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